Monday, May 01, 2006

Beauty Q & A - The Power Of Peels (Glycolic Acid)

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Lux Likes This Question:
I wanted to know about glycolic treatments and peels available in drugstores and beauty counters. What do these treatments do? Are these treatments effective or are you better off going to a Dr's office for a facial peel with a higher acid content? If the treatments the public can buy are effective, what ingredients and/or percent concentration should I look for?
The Brain's Bounce Back: Glycolic peels performed by a dermatoligist can be pretty potent. One study shows they're equally as effective as microdermabrasion. Ouch! These high power Derm peels use a glycolic acid concentration around 20% while your basic drug store product only only uses about 10%. So yes, there is a difference. You might be satisified with the drug store brand, but if not, see your doctor.

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