Monday, May 01, 2006

Beauty Q & A -SPF Night and Day

We've Moved!! Come see the All New Beauty Brains!

Jamie Wants To Know:
I recently bought a new moisturiser which contains SPF. Is it alright to use this as a night cream as well? Will applying SPF to your skin day and night cause any harm? Or should I just go get myself a night cream?

The Brain's Say: Applying an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) cream to you skin at night versus during the day won't make any difference. Any cosmetic CAN be irritating if you have very sensitive skin, but if you've used the product during the day and it's ok, you won't have any problems at night. At least your face won't have problem. Your bank account might because SPF products tend to be more expensive! The Brain's Bottom Line: Invest in a good night cream without SPF and you'll save some money.

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