Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beauty Q & A: Bad Brush Bacteria?

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Corinneyb asks:

What do you think of Clinique's makeup brushes with their "unique antibacterial technology" that is supposed to last up to 500 cleanings?

The Right Brain Rejoins:
Without extensive testing, there's no way to tell which antimicrobial agent Clinique is using on their brushes, or how long it will actually last. We're reminded of the Ocello sponges that claim to fight mildew odor for a certain number of washings. And those things never seem to last as long as they say they will!

We don't have a strong opinion on these brushes, but you can read more on this blogger's comments.

The Brain's Bottom Line:

Does treating brushes with an antibacterial agent help?
It certainly could. Does it make the brush worth that much more money? Well, we suppose that depends on how much trouble you're having with your current brushes. If you can afford them, you've got nothing to lose. Give Clinique a try and let us know what you think!

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