Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Actual Ads: Hair Dryer as Pop Art

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Yes, we know it was the 1970s.

Yes, we know that "hip" and "mod" reigned supreme.

But what the HELL?!?!

In most beauty ads, the hair style takes center stage. "Make me look beautiful like the goddess in the ad" is what you're supposed to say to yourself as you flip through Cosmo.

But this ad seems to call to you in a droning, zombie like tone:

"Must--Join--Cybernetic --Blue--Capped--Line-- Dancing-- Clones."

If this were a James Bond villianess her name would be something catchy, like "Blue Bonnet Plague." Unfortunately, it's just an actual ad for a hair dryer. Go figure.

copyright 1974, The Gillette Company

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