Sunday, April 16, 2006

Beauty Q & A: Where can I buy cosmetics?

Carrie S. in Seattle writes in with this question:

"I've always heard that drug stores and department stores carry better quality cosmetics than grocery stores. Is this true?"

The Beauty Brains respond:
Well, Carrie, in some ways it's true and in others it's not. In general, you can buy more upscale products in drug and department stores. Perfumes, for example. And you may want to pay more for fancy packaging for your cosmetic products so they look better in your bathroom or on your dresser. You'll find a wider range of options in drug and department stores for those as well.

But in terms of the basic functional performance of products that you use, you won't see a tremendous difference if you're comparing products of similar quality. Take hair care for example, Suave and Pantene are both sold in drug stores and in food chains. You will see a difference if you're comparing Suave to Pantene. But it's very unlikely that you'll see a performance difference between Pantene and a much more expensive brand that the grocery store doesn't carry.

The trick is to look for quality products wherever you shop and buy what you can afford. You don't always get a better product just because it costs more. If you'd like to ask us about any specific products for hair or skin, let us know and we can give you the "Science Scoop."

Hope this helps!

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