Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beauty Q & A: What to do for Greasy Hair?

Becky in Dubuque asks the following question:

"What shampoo is good for a little kid with very greasy hair?"

"My daughter, who's five years old, gets very greasy hair over the course of the day. I wash it every morning, but by late in the afternoon it's so greasy and smelly that I have to wash it again. I tried using a dandruff shampoo, and it did make her hair less greasy. But, it also made her scalp flake. I've been using a good degreasing shampoo, so the hair is getting clean, but it seems to get greasy again so quickly. What can I do?"

The Beauty Brains respond:
Becky, this case is a bit tricky. Since your daughter's greasy hair problem did respond to treatment with a dandruff shampoo we suggest in exploring that avenue and experimenting a little further. If using a dandruff shampoo every day cured her greasiness, but caused her scalp to flake, why not try using the dandruff shampoo less frequently? We'd suggest using a good dandruff shampoo, like the Head and Shoulders, every other time you shampoo. If you still get flakes then try it every two shampoos. So one day use your regular shampoo, the next day use your dandruff shampoo, and so on. If the problem persists, you'd better see your pediatrician! Let us know if this helps!

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